Frameless Glass

Our 12mm Toughened Frameless Glass pool fencing combines luxury, beauty, design and safety in a modular system that has been designed to meet all Australian Pool Safety Standards while easily accommodating your installation plans. Using modern 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spigots and fixings for strength and longevity, our Frameless Glass pool fencing has transformed existing pool areas into stylish, architecturally designed outdoor areas complimenting the rest of the property and surrounds. Our range of modular 12mm Toughened Glass panels is the epitome of design for any pool or garden fence.

Fully Frameless Channel System

With our Fully Frameless Channel system there is no need for the use of spigots (mini posts) creating the optimum sense of space and design. This system allows you to grout the glass panels directly into channels laid into cement. This flawless design is not only attractive but using the toughened glass’s strength to support itself gives it the durability and longevity required.

Semi Frameless Glass

Our Freedom Glass Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a fully compliant and certified modular glass fencing system. Our semi-frameless glass pool system offers a wide variety of choices allowing you to improve upon an older pool area or bring together a new pool development while always adding value and style to your home. This is all achievable while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Semi Frameless Glass – 75 Series

The posts can be custom designed to fall short of the glass height to create a unique, sleek design without sacrificing the support and structure of the post system.

Tubular Fencing Range

Our Tubular fencing is made from stylish, tough, rust-free aluminium (or steel) available in a huge range of colours, with a ten year warranty for your peace of mind. All of our Pool Fencing designs comply with Australian Standard 1926.1.Customised panels and raked panels are available to suit all your individual fencing requirements. The uprights are available in either 16mm or 19mm round balusters, and 19mm or 25mm square balusters. The rails (horizontals) are available in 25mm*38mm or 40mm*40mm.

Tubular fencing